Daniel the Cat

i cat

  1. i have a name now so i thought i’d better introduce myself. daniel…at least that’s what she calls me.

i work at the pratt museum…actually I only work in there first thing each morning and last thing each night.

my job title is chief mouser. i run thru the pratt museum each day checking for those wily little furry looking things with the long skinny tails, big soupy eyes and pointy noses that never seem to stay still…i find these little varmints so fascinating, i just become glued to the spot whenever they’re around.

so far this hunting season tho, i haven’t found a single one inside the museum…not that i’m complaining or anything…she says its all because i’m such a big brave mouser catcher, and that those pesky little interlopers get all trembly and scared when they smell mighty me, the great hunter, around…and now that they know for sure there’s a new sheriff in town they’re all finding it so much more copasetic or something to stay out of dodge city…or, er, the pratt museum, that is.

i dunno…she might be just putting me on, tho.

do i really smell><{}K…

i really sorry i can’t type a real live question mark…or capital anything…it’s hard for me to hit the shift key at the same time as another one…i keep slipping off one or the other…

by the way, that previous remark was a parenthetical in case you didn’t realize it…

i started out writing this little post cuz i really wanted to share with you the strange and mythical story about how i got my job at the pratt museum but i’m exhausted…i just typed 284 words and with only 1 paw, which probably counts for double. in any case, i’ll need to get some help…from her, maybe…if i’m ever to be able to continue to share that which looms so large in my legend…ringo said that in ‘a hard day’s night’…and that was another parenthetical. boy, this is fun. i just can’t wait til i can italicize.

well, good night for now…i’ve got to be going on my rounds.

ps…y’know, at least there’s one really good thing about not being able to type a capital and that is you don’t have to worry anymore if there’s an end of a sentence before it.

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