“PATRIOTS ALL – 1776” ZPM Museum Welcomes Dr. Benjamin Franklin on July 4th



On Saturday, July 2nd, from 12 – 5 pm, at the Zadock Pratt Museum located on Rte. 23, Prattsville, NY, Dr. Benjamin Franklin will share his recollections about the 1337 words that altered the course of history and established a new nation. Dr. Franklin will tell the story of the events leading up to signing of the Declaration of Independence and the fame and misfortune of the men who signed their lives away on that warm and sultry day in July at Independence Hall. Of all the founding fathers of our nation, Franklin most represents the common man; in fact, his life rather defined the basic values that we still hold dear as Americans, to this day. No other American has achieved quite so much as Franklin did during his long life in the 18th century. The visit with Franklin, the inventor, printer, scientist, founding father is a unique opportunity for the entire family to meet the man, to explore his thoughts, share his observations, and experience the essence of his being. Please join us as we transport you back to 1776 and introduce you to Dr. Franklin. The Zadock Pratt Museum is honored to evoke the memory of the fifty-six men who risked their lives to defy the British. This is history worth knowing. The public will be invited throughout the day to sign their names alongside our founding fathers on a large facsimile version of America’s birth certificate, The Declaration of Independence. We encourage contemporary signers to share their thoughts about why this historic document matters today.

2 thoughts on ““PATRIOTS ALL – 1776” ZPM Museum Welcomes Dr. Benjamin Franklin on July 4th

  1. Paula Shafer

    Pleasure meeting Ms. Bennett today. This is Paula Shafer, fifer at the site. Just wished I had thought of taking some photos of the group – do you post such items? Take care and will come down again to visit. Am promoting your wonderful site and the care of honest history presentations that are done there. Most sincerely, Paula Shafer, Retired History teacher/reenactor

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